Disaster management



Govt. of India have already taken initiative under the UNDP for formation of National Disaster Mamanegemnt Committee. Govt. of A.P. is also taken initiative for the formation of state level disaster management programme. The relief dept. of Kurunbg Kumey has formed district disaster management committee/plan. to tackle all kind of unpredictable natural calamities and also it will be extended to block, village and garam level. The main aim of relief dept. of kurung kumey is to creatre awareness upto grass root level and make the general public capable to tackle any kind of man-made and natural disaster.(NOTE:- Whole Arunachal state comes under earthquake zone-V which is called red-zone area. This area is most damageable if any kind earthquake happen in future uto to 6.5 ritcher scale).



MESSAGES:- Disaster Never Warns & Never Discriminate poor,rich,caste,community & religion,But kills every body within a seconds. So , my dear friends, Be Equiped & Be Aware to tacke any kind of unforesee natural disaster.


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