Culture & Religion


Nyokum Yullo is the main festival of the district which is celebrates during the month of February. Longte Yullo festival is also followed in th upper region of the district i.e. Koloriang, Sarli.

Rikam Pada and Buya is the main dance of the region. It is performed to welcome the guest and show the culture of its community.

The Nyishi people has rich ornaments called Tassang(Beads),Riurh(Sword),Laktey(Metal Ornament).


The region belief in Doni-Polo God which is the God of Sun & Moon. The tribe performs different worships for diffrerent purpose.

Now Christian Religion has taken its place among the society.

Yullo Oyi for the welfare of the family which worship to God of family protector.

On the other hand Sotung is worshipped to revenge or avenge the enemy by sending Sotung Oyi (Evil Spirit) to destroy the soul of the enemy which is belief as powerful black magic in the community.

Years back, it was performed, now govt. has prohibited the Sotung Oyi practices which creates problems in the society.



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