FORM No. 7

(See Rule 12)



FORM No. 1


Legal Information


This part to be the Birth Register


To be filled by the informant.


  1. Date of Birth : (Enter the exact day, month and year the child was born e.g. 1-1-2000)
  2. Sex : (Enter “male” or “female” do not use abbreviation)
  3. Name of child, if any :

(If not named, leave blank)

  1. Name of the father :
  2. Name of Mother :

(Full name as usually written)

  1. Place of birth : (Tick the appropriate entry 1 or 2 below and give the name of the Hospital / Institution or the address of the house where the birth took place.)
    1.  Hospital / Name Institution :
    2. House Address :
  2. Informant’s name :

(After completing all col 1 to 20, in format will put date and signature here:)



Date                                         Signature of left thumb mark of the informant


To be filled by the Registrar

Registration No.                                                           Registration Date :

Registration Unit :

Town / Village :                                                            District :

Remarks : (If any)                                                         Name and signature of the Registrar