FORM - 28                                                    No.-ITA/V/9/91 Sl. No.

(See rule - 54 58 (1), (3) and (4))


And grant of certificate,

To be made in triplicate the duplicate copy and the triplicate copy with the endorsement of the registering authority to be returned to owner of the vehicle and the Registering authority in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is to be removed respectively).


            The Registering Authority 


    I/We intend to sell the vehicle to Shri/Smti who resides in the jurisdiction of Registering Authority of the state of I/We therefore request request for the issue of a Objection Certificate for my/our vehicle the particulars of which are furnished below:- 

  1. Name and Address                         

  2. Son/Wife/Daughter of                    

  3. Registering number of vehicle         

  4. Class of vehicle                              

  5. Registering Authority which originally

         registered the Vehicle.

6.  Engine number of the vehicle                  

7.  Chassis number of the vehicle                 

8.  Period of stay in the state                       

9.  Period upto which tax paid                    

10.  Whether any demand for tax is pending

       if so give details.

11.  Whether the vehicle is involved in any

       case, if so give details.

12.  Whether any action any section         

       53, 54 or 55 MV Act-1983 is pending before any registering authority or other prescribed authority, if so give      details.

13.  Whether the vehicle is involved in any

       case of transport of prohivited goods, if so give details.


                 I/We solemnly decalre that the above statement is true.


Name and Signature of the Vehicle Owner.