Culture & Heritage

The folklore is vital in transmitting the values, beliefs and moral teachings of any given society. Since ages, it has been an eternal part of any human culture, more specifically of tribal culture. The folklore, culture, heritage and agriculture define the tribal society. The folk and tribal arts of Arunachal Pradesh are simple, ethnic and colourful. It speaks volumes of state’s rich cultural heritage. Folk life represents the aspect of cultural anthropology which concentrates on the study of one’s own national cultural heritage. There is no known human society exist in this world without having any trait of folklore.

With this backdrop, the current paper has been framed with objectives: (i) to study the culture and folklore of tribal communities of Kurung Kumey district; (ii) to understand the folk life of these tribal groups; and (iii) to investigate the backwardness of tribes inhabiting the district. The study has been conducted using participatory research method to identify the cultural perceptions and priorities of tribal people in the district. The investigator conducted in-depth interviews and observed the daily-life activities of tribal people. The primary data is gathered through a field investigation.

  • Nyokum Yullo is the main festival of the district which is celebrates during the month of February.
  • Longte Yullo festival is also followed in the upper region of the district i.e. Koloriang, Sarli.
  • Rikam Pada and Buya is the main dance of the region. It is performed to welcome the guest and show the culture of its community.
  • The Nyishi people has rich ornaments called Tassang(Beads),Riurh(Sword),Laktey(Metal Ornament).