Kurung kumey is an area in the Indian territory of Arunachal Pradesh. The authoritative headquarter of this locale is likewise Kurung kumey. There are many Tourist Places in Kurung Kumey. The name of the region is gotten from Subansiri River, its stream twin waterway Kurng and Kumey. This area has the enormous capability of tourism. There is such a great amount to visit in this area. The normal excellence all around of this region made this area one of the acclaimed visitor’s goals of the state. The sloping valleys all around of this region make the atmosphere of this area extremely sound. The nearness of Himalayan close to this region is exceptionally useful for stay cool and quiet situations. The agribusiness fields in the premises of this locale additionally draw in the parcel of sightseers from the various piece of Arunachal Pradesh. You can likewise discover different tribes in the region of this locale which additionally causes you to find out about the craftsmanship and culture of this state.

Kurung Kumey Cuisine:

Apong, Thukpa, momos, Bamboo Shoot Fry, Poora Haah, Fish Fried Rice, Fish Stew, Panch Phoron Taarkari, Misa Mach Poora, Poora Mach, Dal and Eggs, Koat Pitha are few of the numerous assortments of Kurung Kumey.